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Bespoke Problems...Bespoke Solutions
Sept 2022:

Our full range of machines are now manufactured by:
Ashton Industrial Sales Ltd

JAN 2022


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 Low Cost, High Quality Lamination for Mirrors, Glass & Boards,

Stainless & Aluminium Sheets


We have designed, built and installed innovative lamination production lines, across a wide range of industries worldwide, for over 25 years.


We are the inventors of MicroCutTM Technology 


Our lines are productively working in metals distribution, stainless steel and aluminium sheet filming , glass manufacture, mirror production, HPL (high pressure laminates) acrylic sheets, chipboard and MDF board manufacturing lines, in production of cabinet and decorative panels, and various types of sheet  peel-coating.


Because we started out by producing production equipment to solve our own production line problems, we have an authentic 'insiders view' of Laminator design and project implementation.


We understand that perhaps you don't simply want a Laminator,  

you want a production line solution, which happens to require a Laminator.


That tenet underpins our approach.  




To find out how our products can benefit your industry, click on the relevant link in the menu-bar above.  

JUNE 2021


IGU Laminator Range Now Available



From 12” x 12” up to 100” x 160”  

Minimum film changes, fast production.

The OptiStream™ range of machines film IGU BOTH SIDES simultaneously

with a pre-cut, (variable width), clear border around all 4 sides.

This is produced in a single pass cycle, bringing rapid production rates and great flexible processing of the many varying widths, without having to change film reels.

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