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Strippable Protective Filming with variable size borders for IGU’s.

To provide protection during first fix, and easy cleaning afterwards.

The OptiStream® System

IGU Protective Filming, Foiling & Border Trimming

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Our unique filming system will apply film within the edges of the IGU,

thus leaving a clear border for extrusions on all 4 edges.

The width of the border may be varied by selection on the control panel.

This process may be carried out on both sides at the same time, saving valuable production time.


Flexible & Fast Filming System, for a Pristine Product

Opti-Stream™ Laminating Machines are currently produced in 1500mm, 2000mm & 2600*mm widths. Using our unique Micro-Cut™ film laminating system the protective film is applied to BOTH SIDES of IG Units simultaneously.

The Opti-Stream™ range is easily adjusted to process IGUs in a wide range of thickness, from duals at 7/8”/22mm overall or Triples at 1-3/8”/35mm overall, or thicker if required.

Each IGU is filmed, in one piece, across the full width, in one swift pass through the machine. A typical IGU average 40”/100m square will take less than 30 seconds to film both sides across 100% of the faces. The perimeter film on all 4 edges will be perforated and ready to quickly strip, just prior to applying the extrusions, ensuring a pristine surface for your product.


Most filming will be, One Pass mode

The operator places the IGU on the infeed conveyor and gently pushes it into the laminating rollers.

When the Reel width mounted on the laminator is wider than the IGU, the operator will place the IGU centrally to the film, and the excess is automatically trimmed from both sides.

Universal Laminators’ Micro Cut™ system automatically perforates the film from the reel as it unwinds to match the incoming IGU and to set the peel-away border lines.

The system applies the film in full width, to upper and lower faces simultaneously:

To maximise productivity, the Stiletto Opti-Stream™ can process a wide range of IGU widths, from each reel width, thus greatly reducing the number of reel changes.


The machine can utilise film reels much wider than the IGU width and the online perforators can operate to trim up to 30% * or more, off the film width, on both sides AND BOTH FACES, simultaneously.

the Micro Cut™ perforated waste strips are quickly and easily pulled off after filming.

Allowing a stunning production time of less than 30 seconds to film both sides with pre-cut borders on all 4 edges, as well as trimming the excess film ready to be peeled off.


A reel of film 900 mm/35.0 inches in width,

IN Single pass mode, will film IGUs down to 640 mm /24.5 inches (two waste strips each of

With Double pass IGUs above 900mm/35 inches up to 1800mm/70 inches wide.

Range 24.5 inches up to 70 inches

The strips of waste each side remain lightly attached to the IGU by perforations and are easily removed as the IGU emerges onto the outfeed conveyor. See Video.

However, as stated above the choice of the width of film reels mounted is flexible.

If the incoming IGU is wider than the film reel the Stiletto can be used in

 'Double Pass mode'.

As an example, if the line is set up with 30 inch wide reels, (on upper & lower faces) it can

film a wide range of IGUs (from 14 inches up to 30 inches) in one swift pass, but, if a wider unit,

say 40 inch, 48 inch or 60 inch arrives to be protected, the quick solution is 'Double Pass' mode.

Then there is no need to stop production to change the film reels, this wider IGU may be put through the laminator on exactly the same settings.


IGU perfectly filmed both faces, with MINIMUM DOWNTIME, ALL BORDERS PERFORATED,.

No set up changes required And no reel change required.

Double Pass Mode:

For Even Greater Productivity


For more details please contact us .....

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