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Our Philosophy

Nice machine design is only a part of the answer, an holistic assessment of your production line issues allows us to offer a complete and integrated production solution and to give sufficient data allows us to take account of all the issues, Lamination quality, line speed, accuracy, Reel mangement.


We can also provide management information, through our Transparent Manufacturing System software, which will highlight down time, quality, rejects, batch changes, film reel storage and access, minute to minute line management, all incredibly important.


SO, not just neat machine design but, EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS


We have a standard range of laminating machines, all of which are readily adaptable to be tailored to your production needs.  


These machines are supported by our experienced service engineers, with ongoing maintenance, repair and spares services readily available for all of our existing machines.   We also service, repair and supply spares for all systems previously manufactured by Automation Techniques Ltd., the whole range of Stackers, Cutlass, Sabre, Scimitar, and Rapier Laminators.

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