Sheet Handling Machines


Originally designed for automatic loading and unloading of our laminating machines, we produce a  range of vacuum lifting sheet, pick and place, sheet stackers. 


These units are used both as a sheet unload, and sheet load units on our high-speed  automated stainless steel polishing and lamination lines.  The pick & place range has developed over the years and now covers a far greater range of applications.


These loader systems offer dramatic productivity enhancements on sheet material handling, and can be installed on many types of new or existing equipment.


 The StackerMate unit can handle items of up to 150kg, and is regularly used to supply the sheet loading and unloading requirements for our high speed laminating lines.


The StackerBoss is the higher end of the range, capable of lifting up to 300kg. This unit is also used in our high speed lines, with the additional load bearing capacity having no detrimental affect on the speed of the unit.


Various other bespoke stackers have been designed to exactly meet customer specifications. One such machine is the LoadTilt which can pivot the sheet that it is carrying through up to 90° as it moves, allowing horizontal panels to be stacked vertically.