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Stainless Steel




Universal Laminators have a variety of solutions and years of experience, initially based on personal experience of operating our own polishing lines.


We now supply all your requirements for automating the filming and sheet handling of stainless steel sheet and plate polishing and brushing lines.


The top line SprintLine system fully-automates the  stainless steel polishing line process and features the Rapier™ filmer.

This system is the fastest in the range, and can process in excess of 300 sheets per hour (Sheet sizes 3000 x 1500mm).  


We can supply all the materials handling systems to fully automate the stainless steel polishing line:

conveyor systems, sheet handling and high speed laminators, with control systems and  smooth controls integration,

on both new and existing lines.

Our control systems can capture events, be modem linked, or be as simple as you wish for low cost functionality.  


At the core of our filming and handling systems for the automation of stainless steel polishing and brushing lines are our automatic laminators with our unique Micro-Cut film cutting system where the film is cut, before it is applied to the sheets!

  Developed over the past 3 decades, the system allows extremely fast cycle times and gives flexibility of cut position simply not possible with "post" lamination cutting systems.  

With Micro-Cut you can even cut the film short of the end of the sheet, leaving bare steel to order.

Whether you purchase new Polishing heads, or you wish to upgrade your existing line  our engineers have integrated

Timesavers, Imeas, Ramco, Hill Acme, and Acme Efco, stainless steel polishing heads

so a you are assured of a problem free installation.


Sheet handling -

The SprintLine system employs loader units on both the in-feed and out-feed sides so that the sheets are loaded automatically and, once polished and filmed, are stacked on the pallet automatically.  

The loaders can be configured to feed lengthways or sideways to suit your factory layout, and usefully are available with two or three pick and place positions,great for reducing line down time !

Wide choice of loader capacities to suit your sheet size, and service duty, with options of electric or pneumatic drives.


Filmers - Micro-Cut™ Film cutting system Increases output and offers greater flexibility.


Controls - Line controls offer full event capture, remote diagnostics, modem links, stock control and more data capture of cycle times, speed profiles for management.


Remote reporting - Online modem support for direct software and technical support, software upgrades.


Experience and skills second to none - with lines in five continents we have the expertise to successfully increase your productivity.


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