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The fastest and most accurate machine in the Micro-CutTM range, the Rapier High-Speed Laminator is the most popular automatic filming machine in the Universal Laminators range of Industrial laminators.  


They can be used as Steel Laminators, Aluminium Laminators, Peel Coat Machines, or Film Laminators applying protective filming to sheets of Stainless Steel, Glass, Aluminium, HPL or Acrylic, and many other board materials.


In it's basic form the Rapier can apply most protective films at speeds in excess of 50m per minute.  Therefore it is possible to film six (6) 3m long panels in a minute, 360 panels per hour.


The system can employ a number of upgrades, including a Multi-Reel Carousel to reduce the down time when changing the reels and to cope with different size panels.  


More importantly, the film is cut using our patented Micro-Cutting System™, which allows for a "flush" cut.  


It is even possible to undercut an edge, all without knives or blades contacting the sheet,

ensuring product damage cannot occur.










twin cassette 2 1 edited.jpg

2600 Wide RAPIER (above): 


Rapiers come in all sizes - this 2600mm wide acrylic sheet ,double sided, laminating machine was installed in an existing production line and dramatically improved production and quality auto cut, and rewind for multi layer lamination.

RAPIER SprintReel (above):


A Rapier with a Double-Carriage system - A push through carriage that allows the film to be threaded up OFF LINE and when pushed into place it is immediately ready to run


The machine was fitted with auto cut, film width slitters and carrier film rewind and capable of for multi layer lamination in one pass!

The Rapier Laminator

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