The StackerBoss

The StackerBoss is the largest of the  range of vacuum lifting sheet, pick and place, sheet stackers, it has a rating of 300kg.


This unit is used both as a sheet unload  and a sheet load unit on our high speed automated stainless steel polishing and lamination lines, it has a variety of other possible applications.


Capable of two three or more Pick & Place positions, it has the option of teachable traverse,variable speed, adjustable profile of lift path, and we can full yintegrate it with existing production lines.

The linear guide rails provide an extremely accurate positioning even for the heaviest loads.


Sheet sizes handled are from 1200mm x 1200mm up to 4m x 2m, and both longitudinal and traverse options are available



(N.B. Units over 300kg can be transferred using the STACKERCHIEF system. Please contact  us to explain your needs and for more  information).