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The Stiletto Laminator


The operation is fast and simple, with absolutely no blades near the sheets.  


The system produces the same high quality lamination that is seen throughout our entire range.


It is available in single filming or double sided filming form, with widths from 500mm to 2500mm,  and it may be fitted with a variety of optional extras, slit to width, reel length monitoring, and manually operated load/unload lifting systems to enable one man operation.


The Stiletto Industrial Laminators are are used as Sheet Laminators, Aluminium Laminators, Peel Coat Machines, and Film Laminators, which all essentially do the same job of applying protective filming to sheets of Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Glass, Aluminium, HPL and many other board materials.


This is the entry level machine to the Automatic Film-Cutting range utilising Universal Laminators'  patented Micro-CutTM film cutting system.


After the film is  pre-cut it is applied to the sheet and passes through the machine, allowing the operator to separate the sheets by lightly tugging the leading sheet to shear the film along the line of perforations. The resultant cut is neat,clean and precise.

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