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This is a decorative MDF board film laminating line.  The Scimitar laminator is 2550mm wide with a Micro-CutTM film cutting system, which precuts the film before it is applied.


The system incorporates safeguards against the in feed of panels which are too thick, or mechanical problems, and runs unmanned.


Automatic thickness settings Adjustable film trimming and slitting-to-width options are available in this machine range.


Application of film only on the top side of the panel (double sided options are possible).

As the line largely runs unmanned a feature is "Foil-end detection" which warns the operator when a reel change is required. 

Laminating Speed up to 35 m/min.

Maximum laminating width is 2550 mm


Board Dimensions:

Length 2440 up to 3300 mm long

Width 1200 up to 2100 mm wide,

Thickness min 8mm max 28 mm

Max. weight 140 kg


Rapier & Scimitar laminators in production on Desking manufacture, board and thin sheet filming lines
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