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 If this is your requirement then the various sizes of panels may be batched together on a carrier board

The panels may then be hand trimmed by knife to finish.  The hand trimming should be aided by our knife guide system to ensure your doors/drawers are neatly and safely presented.


For full on production runs the Micro-Cut™ system trims the film at the ends of the panels, this system requires PLC and cross cutter mechanism so is more expensive.  



At last an effective solution for delivering your doors and drawers to site undamaged, and presented in keeping with your Corporation’s ethos

This will reduce rework and rejects, which are massively costly, and really damage your corporation’s reputation.

Our Film wrapping machines achieve these vital objectives, whilst speeding production and reducing shipping times.

A choice of flexible solutions is provided by Universal Laminator’s  Saxon™ and Stilleto™ film laminators.

Compact design saves production space and the efficient wrapping enhances your product presentation and speeds dispatch to your customers.

The most efficient way to operate the film wrapping system for your products will vary depending upon your production requirements.

If you wish to film wrap sets of panels for each customer order, there will be a wide variety of sizes in each production run and this is often solved by using the carrier board approach:

Production Runs

The video above shows a door filming machine recently supplied to a major US kitchen door manufacturer.

If you have (say) 20 , 30 or more, of one size, it would be best to set up the machine to film them consecutively (one behind another) just using the roller tables.   You can then also utilise the film width pre-slitting option (shown) which allows the operator to separate the twin panels from each other by a light tug.

To best utilise the film width you may wish to mount a selection of film reels on the airshaft mandrel, from which the operator may choose the closest width to the set being wrapped.

This line is utilising the perforating film slitters on the machine.

The slitters trim the film BEFORE it is laminated onto the panel, so cannot damage the panels.

The width slitter is simplest and is used in the video to slit between the two side by side panels, the operator then just tugs lightly to separate them.

Both the Saxon™ and the Stilleto™ are suitable for both types of production and may easily be loaded to wrap safely either way.

Kitchen Doors

This is a typical kitchen door film laminating line. 

This Stilleto™ laminator is 52 inches wide (available up to 72” wide) with a Micro-Cut™ film cutting system, which pre-cuts the film before it is applied. The Stilleto™ is the base model in the Auto-cut range, and panels are separated by hand as they emerge from the laminator.

 Automatic thickness settings, adjustable film trimming and slitting-to-width options are available in this machine range. The film-slitting option allows maximum utilisation of film, and even side by side panel feeding (Dual Stream process).


The video illustrates Dual Stream, the panels are positioned with a central gap, leaving an edge overhang to allow the film to be wiped over the door edges as the operative lifts them clear (this may also be automated if required).

There are also two fully automatic laminator versions:

The  Scimitar, which runs at 30m/min and trims within 3.0-5.0 mm of the length,


and The Rapier which laminates at < 150 ft./minute

and will process 6-8 panels per minute, trim accuracy 0.0-3.0mm film trim on length.

The width dimension on all models is governed by the film reel width, and reel-winding quality, edges accurate to less than 1.0mm is typical   

 Application of film only on the top side of the panel (double sided options are possible).

Available in widths  24inches/610mm  up to 100inches/2600 mm wide,

Auto load and stacking options, and either powered or “gravity” conveyors complete the line.

The Stilleto in the photograph has twin air-shaft film reel mandrels, castor mounted conveyors (for space saving), and foot switch operation,  

All our machines may be fitted with remote diagnostics, management data capture and film reel monitoring, stock-control systems.

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