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Reel Handling Devices


Our Reel Storage, Reel Handling, & Predictive Reel Management systems bring you the TOOLS for effective production

If your production schedule is flexible and unpredictable every minute wasted finding and fetching the next reel is lost time and increased costs, so then the availability of an  REEL STORAGE SYSTEM providing readily accessible automatically retrieved reel storage  could be the most cost effective answer.

On Board Storage System



All entry level machines can be supplied with 1,2 or 3 Reel Mandrels.


The distance from the Reel Mandrel to the Laminating Rollers should be minimized, to control film-reduce complications in machine design and make lace-up more efficient.


An example of a Triple-Reel Mandrel System is Displayed.




Multi Reel Carousel


If you have frequent changes of reel and often small batch sizes then the number of reel types/sizes readily available becomes more of an issue.


In that case an onboard reel storage system, such as a multi reel carousel , (4, 5 and 6 reel versions are available) can offer a compact and rapidly accessible reel change solution.


The reels are powered into a position at the press of a button when required, and the other reels may be changed whilst the machine is running.




If you have long continuous runs when there are many sheets available to process in one type of film, then you may want to maximize the reel length and mandrel capacity.


 Useful for larger reel diameters and 2600mm reel widths, this has similar features to the reel carousel.  The reels are moved into a position when required.  Other reels may be changed whilst the machine is running 



Multi Reel Cassette Store

The Sprint Reel System

For very high production and particularily for production lines when short batch runs require frequent film reel changes we can dramatically increase your productiivity by minimizing reel replacement time.


We achieve this by moving the threading up time OFF Line enabling and enabling reel changes in only seconds.


This system gives you the ability to thread up the film off line and so allow 60 second reel changes

this is the SprintReel ™ system



Predictive Reel Changing



To ensure reel changes are not a surprise, “heck where is the next reel” We developed predictive reel changing.


This will ensure the next reel can be delivered to the line in good time for the changeover, using real time monitoring of the production line.


  • By monitoring the reel usage the manager/operator will be alerted ahead of time of the need to change reels. When a job finished any remaining film on the reel will be known and recorded into the stock records. No more mountains of part used reels of unknown length.


  • Or by physically measuring reel diameter as it unwinds, providing a countdown of “time to reel change”


These systems are part of our" TRANSPARENT MANUFACTURING SYSTEM" AND will warn the operator and supervisors to prepare the next reel.

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