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The Rapier


The fastest and most accurate machine in the Micro-Cut range, the Rapier  High-speed Laminator is the most popular automatic filming machine in the Universal Laminators range...



The Saxons are the entry level machines which are used as steel laminators, aluminium laminators, peel coat machines, and film laminators....​


The Scimitar fully automatic industrial laminator is suitable for unmanned operation. These tough and reliable machines..


This is the entry level machine to the Automatic Film-Cutting range...

Our Standard Range of Laminating Machines

Universal Laminators industrial laminators are used as film laminators and peel-coat machines, which all basically do the same job of protective filming sheets of stainless steel, glass, aluminium, HPL and many other board materials.


In addition to peel-coat filming and protective filming, our laminating machines can be used to apply mirror backing films and double sided adhesives to glass, acrylics and polyester products. 


Universal Laminators design and manufacture a wide range of sheet filming, laminating and bonding systems.  Each machine we build is bespoke to fit the exact needs of our customer, and all our Industrial laminators produce high-quality lamination throughout our entire range. These machines are supported by our experienced service engineers.


We also service, repair and supply spares for Automation Technique's Cutlass Filmers, Sabre Coaters, Scimitar Laminators, and Rapier Laminators.


Our lamination systems can apply the following:

Pressure sensitive protective films.  

Strippable (temporary) films.  Mirror backing tapes,

technical and tinted films, paper products.


Our laminator range covers all areas from the "basic" manual Saxon system to the high speed, fully automated Excalibur system.  The diversity of the range, which includes the Stiletto and Scimitar machines, ensures that there is always a machine to meet customer requirements. The patented Micro-Cut TM system removes the need to trim the film after application. It offers fast, accurate trimming, and allows the film to be undercut.


Films can be slit to length and width, giving a broad range of possible applications.  Its remote cutting technology ensures that the blade is never in contact with the panel. The laminator range has recently been boosted by the addition of a new model, allowing faster processing and smooth introduction into existing production lines, by cutting the film without stopping.


Universal Laminators has developed its patented Micro Cut system, which utilises the natural pause between sheets to pre-cut the film without loss of time thereby blending with the natural cycle time of the process. In those processes where the line must always flow we have equally accurate system to cut on the run.

Every model in the range can be adapted to suit exact requirements and has available a host of optional extras. These include various systems for rapid reel changeover, infeed / outfeed conveyors, rewind systems and cut-to-width slitters.

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