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We understand the need for your investments to be affordable and reliable. That ethos underpins our design and drives our technology.
Having run production lines using this technology we can use that experience to refine our design solutions for your benefit.
Production Mangement
We appreciate that effective management requires good factual information.  
We can give  the power to monitor and record line activities and thus improve operating practices through our "Transparent Manufacturing Controls"

Whatever material you are applying film to, and whatever the scale of your production line, we can design and implement a custom built lamination solution to safely maximise your production value and efficiency.

Quite often the tricky part is not the lamination but the area you don't want film that is the more difficult problem!

 Contact us for a free consultation with one of our world-class engineers, and take advantage of our innovative and creative design solutions

Bespoke Machines

Spares and Service

We provide ongoing support for all our machines, as well as historic machines installed by Automation Techniques.  Contact us to discuss any upgrades or replacement parts you may need, or to discuss our service and maintenance plans.



 At Universal Laminators we understand the vital importance of maintaining a running production line. If you need to train a new operator, upgrade a machine or fix a problem we can provide on line support or send a fully trained service engineer to your site.

Standard Machines

We have a range of Industrial Laminating machines, from economic entry-level laminating solutions to fully-automated full-service sheet-handling lines, incorporating all of our patented,  industry-leading systems.  Press the button below to browse our range.

Lamination Innovation - Whatever your Industry, Whatever your Needs...

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